Getting Started with Sizify

Create first clothing size recommendation

Install app

  • Go to the Shopify app store & download Sizify
  • Once app is installed, open it by navigating to Dashboard > Apps > Sizify

Click Create Size Guide.

Fill out size guide (~ in 2mins)

  1. Size Guide Name (e.g Jeans 401)
  2. Select Product(s) - Choose the product(s) to include in size guide
  3. Size Variants (e.g Small, Medium, Large, etc)
  4. Parts of the Body (e.g for a pair of pants, select leg & hip) - This depends on the measurement you have available to you & the style of clothing
  5. Size Guide Table - Input the clothing measurements in the units you prefer (cm or inches)

Click Save Size Guide.

A top of Dashboard click Enable, to enable app on storefront.

Complete! To ensure success, wait a moment then navigate to your storefront. Check that widget appears on product pages you have assigned a size guide earlier in tutorial.

If widgets does not appear on your storefront theme check out Troubleshooting